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Kim Jayde, Living Her Best Life As A Blogger, Model And Presenter

'Dream big, work hard, stay humble.'

"It's a simple quote that I try to live by because it is a step by step recipe to succeed in life." – Kim Jayde Robinson

Proudly Zimbabwean, full-time model, fashion blogger & presenter with an honors degree in Social Work and Psychology that's who Kim Jayde Robinson is. And about a year ago, she decided to take the leap from being only a model, to share her voice in the shape of a blog. And from there the 'Kim Jayde' brand was born.

When I look at Kim, I can instantly vibe off that she is a young, active, hardworking African woman with a dream.

It was super easy to chat with her, so naturally, I let the conversation flow to wherever it took us. She immediately dived into relaying knowledge, by saying, "You have to first and foremost have a hunger inside you to achieve the goals you set out no matter how insane it sounds to your friends or family. Take your dream, and set out practical steps of how to achieve it. You can't get any positive results without action. On days that are tough remind yourself why you started, that gets me through a lot."

She calmly paused and then finished off by saying, "I also rely a lot on my faith for strength and comfort."

Kim is someone who is owning her thrown and living her absolute best life. She has always been a woman of action, whose chosen not to spill all the juicy details of what lies ahead for her in 2017, but instead said whoever is interested should keep up with her on social media as she grows and conquers!

Instagram @kimjayde

Twitter @KimJaydeBlog

Facebook @kimjaydeblog

Youtube @Kim Jayde Robinson

Her natural progression from modeling into TV presenting was something well received as beauty and fashion blogging were already a part of her everyday life. "I wanted to take my knowledge, contacts, opinions, and share them with my followers. This is only the beginning, there is so much more I want to do!" She excitedly exclaimed.

Adding on, "The TV presenting jobs I have done for Spice TV aired in Nigeria and covered several fashion weeks in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We interviewed celebs and fashionistas on the red carpet, as well as chatting to the models, designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists backstage."

I could see she was mainly proud and honored by the hard work she has put in to be acknowledged by her nation by mentioning this, "In December I flew back home to Zimbabwe to present five awards at the African Women Awards which was a tremendous honor. It was probably one of the highlights of my year because I could take my father as my 'plus one', and it was the first time he saw me in my element, that was so special."

All the young aspiring African artists reading this, Kim advises, "Proudly embrace the fact that you are African! Try not to copy what you see overseas, be inspired by it, YES, but whatever you create, try to make it original and genuine to yourself. This is how we will progress and move forward as a continent."

Of course, when it comes to accolades, her work has not gone unnoticed, with unwavering appreciation through being honored by some of the following below;

  • MC for Corona Sunset Festival live in front of 5000 people and streamed worldwide with international acts - Sam Feldt, Nora end Pure and Duke Dumont.
  • Presenter at the African Women Awards.
  • Brand ambassador for the Bronx Woman.
  • 48hours TV named as one of the top 11 influencers making waves in the digital space.
  • Desert Goddess styled editorial shoot published overseas in Italian Just Fashion Magazine.

For those aspiring bloggers, fashionistas and models, check out Kim's top three social media influencers below and why, in case you're keen to follow them!

Amanda Shadforth - Australian Photographer and Blogger, she's taken her blog and turned it into an incredible business that allows her to travel the globe doing what she loves, I truly respect and look up to her.

Amra Olevic - She is absolute #MakeUpGoals in my book! Whenever I have a shoot or event, I go straight to her page for inspiration because she also has olive skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Super glam and sexy!

Nadia Jaftha - My favorite local influencer because she is so authentic and different, and also a total sweetheart. Love her good vibes!

Before signing off, Kim's final words were memorable and motivating, by saying,

"I came from a small town in Zimbabwe, and have little by little created a life that ten years ago, I never dreamed was possible. Social media and the digital world is allowing this generation the opportunity to create jobs and income from the comfort of our home. The rules to this new world are unwritten, so if you are brave enough to take the risk, it is an exciting future."

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